what do i need ?

Mercedez Mercy

  • Hello goodevening,

    Can you please tell me what I exactly need to have a good electro-play with a remote controler?

    I am using now a rimba set, but I need to have something wireless to take a sub out in public.
    He cannot have anything on his niples (peacemaker) so I'm searching for rings and parachutes for electro CBT.
    with wireless control.

    I checked your site, but my german is not that good & google translate gave a lot of strange words in the translation.

    Thanking you in advance for the taken effort.

    Kind regards



  • Hello and good morning

    what you need is the starter kit called:
    Lob & Tadel (Praise and Punish)

    it is a wireless device
    its a reciever-unit (as big as a cigaret box, to be worn on trouser pocket)
    and a transmitter (as big as a Zippo-lighter)

    The Sub wears the Reciever and the electrodes (CBT)
    You got the tiny transmitter
    the distance up to 50 m, depending on surroundings

    you have two buttons:
    one ist the praise button (left one), the right one is the punish-button.
    Praise can be controlled in strength (little wheel; leftsided) and is produced by a vibrating plastic bullet. Nice to fix by tape to the penis and make him cum.
    Punish is made by really powerful TENS.
    You have two seperat channels so you can power 4 electrodes (2 pairs).
    Tens can be controlled in strength and frequency (2 small wheels; right sided) from 0-100 % power and frequency from 1 hit per second up to over 100 beats per second.
    so you can generate: simple hard hits or burning infernos !! 
    in the next second if your SUB has done well you can praise him at just one click...
    you got it ?! 

    check out the manual its in english too

    The reciever needs three AA batteries (major Brand)
    will last for many hours.
    the transmitter needs a CR2032 lithium coin/button-cell.

    Electrodes for Penis.
    Parachute or Loops - you are right ! best choice for studio-application
    but for public playing just use the BLUE, self-adhesiving electrodes.
    when cock gets "lazy" you wont have a good electric-contact with the loops any longer - it is frustrating.
    you will have to increase power more and more.
    then suddenly you will get a better contact and now the power is to much !!! it will hurt unpredictible !!
    in this case the play is not controlled any longer by you.

    with electrodes sticked to his balls and his penis
    this wont happen....
    The Blue one last for 72 hours, the glue is waterproof (you even can shower with them)
    The blue one will stick on him; every move he makes !! 
    100 % secure !! low price 
    they are for commercial use - so every customer gets a fresh pair without the need of billing the e-pads.

    with the starter kit you make the first steps with our products...
    if you need more waveforms, seperate/different power on the two channels you will always have the possibilty to Upsell. just byu the big Remote called "Total-Control-One" and your starter kit becomes a complete studio device - wireless. you can compare with manufacturers like "E......tek"

    With the TTCone you even can use audio.
    all our products can be married with each other.
    once you got the Basic you can add/buy the E-cuffs (accelerating Device like Nintendo we: slave moves to much; he we will be punished auomatically) or the TTC-one !!!
    if you need more power in vibro you can add the E-boost.
    out wireless controlled Magic Wand to force persons to cum.
    once married you just use the simple basic-transmitter and you can controll the Magic Wand (normaly just 2 Levels: low and high) from 0 up to 100% Vibropower....

    we are compatible with all the Rimba elektrode plugs. 
    we also use 2.5 mm jacks. 

    Prices can be seen on my site.

    any further questions: fell free to contact me !

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